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1) Sign Up

    We welcomes all the users. The sign up will help you find a proper alliance by becoming our members. The users who want to become our members please read below and understand it very well.

    You can become our member by fill up the registration form which can be downloaded from the button 'Register Now' in the home page. The information provided by the user in the form should be true and honest.

2) SMS-MEMBERS (Free Registration)

    Any person without paying any kind of fees can become a member of our site. The company has the right to approve or disapprove the registration. The approved profiles will only come in our search results. The user who's profile is approved is called as SMS-MEMBER. These members can not download the contact details (such as address, phone numbers, email id, etc..) of those persons whose addresses are not open. But the SMS-MEMBERS' all the contact details can be downloaded by any of the suitable SMS-PAID-MEMBERS.

3) SMS-PAID-MEMBERS (Registered Membership/DIAMOND Ad Package)

    Any of the SMS-MEMBER at any time can become SMS-PAID-MEMBER by paying a fees of Rs-1,000/- only. To pay the fees you have to just login, and after login you will come a page called "My Page", where there will be a link called Select mode of payment. Click the link and you will get the different options of payment. According the selection of the payment mode, the profile will be activated as SMS-PAID-MEMBER from 1 minute onwards. In this way you become SMS-PAID-MEMBER and the profile's page called "My page" 1st link will be activated. This facility is free for online advertisement charge paid members. By clicking this link the SMS-PAID-MEMBER can view, print or download the suitable profiles with their contact details. This facility can be used until the marriage is settled. The payment is consider as online advertisement Charge.


4) SMS-OPEN-PAID-MEMBER (Registered Membership/PLATINUM Ad Package)

    The Member whose all the contact details are opened is called as SMS-OPEN-PAID-MEMBER. To become an SMS-OPEN-PAID-MEMBER the total fees is Rs-2,000/- only. These members gets all the rights of an SMS-PAID-MEMBER. In the search results these profiles are present with an green colour. If you are going to give an matrimonial ad in the newspaper or other media then you are allowed to keep your registration number by which people can view your profile with all details and photograph in our site and definitely you will have quick and more response. All the users who visit our site are able to view the contact details of these members. The payment is consider as online advertisement Charge.


5) SMS-OPEN-MEMBERS (Paid Membership/GOLDEN Ad Package)

    SMS-MEMBERS can become a SMS-OPEN-MEMBER by paying a fees of Rs-250/- only. Also become without payment of fees, by regularly login and without fail for a certain period of time. The software also converts some of the SMS-MEMBERS belonging to some special castes if their form is filled up with all the data. Such profiles will be present with a green colour in the search results. If the members do not want to open their contact details then they can inform it in the office and the contact details will be blocked.


6) Photo Uploading

    All the members can upload their photo. If it is a .jpg file with a size of 200 x 200 dimensions, then it is easy for the approval. View to other members be allowed only after it receives approval from our moderator. The photo is not allowed to be copied or saved, hence everyone can upload their photo without any fear. If a member don't want to make view of his/her photograph to all the visitors of the site then it will be done on the request to the office by the member. The uploaded should be concerned to the members photo only. Other photos are not allowed to upload. If such come to notice then the profile will be deleted.


7) Profile Self Deletion

    All the members should delete their profile if their marriage is fixed, otherwise inform the office to do the same. This is to help other members to save their time and money. To delete your profile after login you get "My page" named page. In this page click on the link 'Delete My Profile'. This will be deleted your profile. After deletion this profile will not come in the search  result but it will be removed from the database only after 24 hours. If you forget your user id/password then call to the office and make a request with proof for your registration. This will be mailed to you.


8) Delete profile from our office

    The company has the right to delete any profile without any notice in some circumstances if a reason is present. Some of the reasons are as below.

a) If the profile is created to make fool of others and company satisfies with this reason.

b) If the member is married and it is informed to firm by more than 2 Registered Members.

c) The member does not login for a certain period of time after the creation of the profile.


9) Commission

    There is no commission for marriage fixed through our site only when if a member himself proceeds with the contact details taken from our site. These members are requested to send an marriage photograph only. There is commission for marriage settled by data exchanged by our office staff except SMS-OPEN-PAID-MEMBERS. For this the commission is as below:

For Below middle class family is rupees Three Thousand only, Middle class family is rupees Five thousand only, Above middle class family is rupees Seven thousand and five hundred only, and for Financially well family is rupees Ten thousand only. This way settled marriage should be informed in office and make the payment of the cash. The only way to avoid the commission is daily login and download the suitable profile for you. The office will not proceed the profiles downloaded by you hence there is no commission.

    The Marriage of the free members who marriage settled through this site, then they should pay rupees two thousand as commission.  

10) Help from office staff

    The members who are hesitant to proceed by themselves for such member the office staff is always available for your help. The only thing you have to do is search the profiles and inform the office, the registration numbers which you are interested. The firm will try as far as possible to find you a suitable alliance, but don't consider this registration as a promise to achieve it. The firm is not responsible for only kind of enquiry about bride/groom.


11) Daily Login

    The profile which are comes in the search result first and comes in home page. Hence the profile will be noticed by others in the first sight and you will get the response more. If you daily login for a certain period of time and still you don't get an suitable alliance then you will be upgraded as SMS-OPEN-MEMBER without any payment.


12) Refund of Fees

    The fees paid for the activation / publish of the profile is not refundable in any circumstances.


13) Applicable Law

    The membership is deemed to have been entered into at Palakkad, Kerala State, and the laws of India will govern the membership. Disputes arising out of or in any way affecting the membership including interpretation of any of the terms are to be subjected to jurisdiction of Courts at Palakkad only. By taking registration, the members hereby agree to wave their right to choose to file or make any complaints/suits etc. at any Courts other than Palakkad. The also reserves to itself the right to change any terms and conditions mentioned above and the same shall be binding on the members.

This symbol is denote the Paid member.

  This symbol is denote the Registered member.

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